Fashionable clothing that suits your body

Getting the right fashionable look for you can be a pretty hard deal. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, you look at a trend and you don’t realize till multiple pieces of clothing are already in your closet that that particular style is not at all flattering on you.
So what to look for before buying splurging on expensive beautiful clothes?
Here’s a breakdown for the basic things to note.

Get loose clothes!

 Casual Pullover

No matter what shape and size you are, the loose baggy look is always a safe and sure choose.
From frilly, billowing lace and chiffon dresses to beautiful, soft baggy sweaters and comfortable over sized pants, loose clothes are a great way to stay comfortable and be trendy.
The most important thing to note is to match them up right. If you are wearing a loose and over sized blouse, don’t pair it up with equally billowing pants and skirts. For over sized blouses, it’s best to wear sleek, figure hugging pants and flat, efficient skirts.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t also mix it up with a floaty skirt! If your blouse has a v-neckline or is vintage with floral prints and leopard prints. Or if it’s a soft lace blouse that brings out the shape of the body by clinging artfully while also being loosely draped over you. In these cases, skinny pants and swirling skirts might actually be a great bet!

Having multiples is a great idea

Think you look best in figure hugging sheath type dresses with a short hemline? Or feel like the more frilly options are best for you? You are often your own best judge and never fear overusing a style.
If a particular style works on you, then it works. Having multiple options, patterns, textures and colors in the same style of dress is not a bad idea!

How to pick a pattern

 Pattern Dresses

Depending on your height and size, there are some very basic guidelines to keep in mind when choosing patterned outfits.

If you are very tall, best to not wear vertical stripes. Vertical stripes elongate the length of a person, and a tall person may end up looking comically long. Horizontal stripes are the best for you. 

However, if you are either short or a little on the plus size, vertical stripes are the way to go! Avoid horizontal stripe patterns, as they draw attention to the breadth of your body and enhance the bulkiness of your body.

Use leopard prints with caution.
A leopard print blouse can add that cheeky sexiness when paired with skinny pants, but be careful in choosing it, as leopard prints permanently toe the line between fashionable and over the top.

 Floral Print Blouse

Pay attention to the neckline.
Some people look better in v-necked blouses, others look more flattering in round necklines. Necklines can elongate and add elegance to the shape of your neck. If you have a shorter neck area, avoid tight collared clothes or turtleneck and bottleneck sweaters. These make your neck look even smaller. In these cases, better to invest in v-neckline blouses.

With just a little common sense and a little more awareness in your choices, you can get the most out of your fashionable clothing choices!

Have a nice day!