Very retro. Know how to flaunt vintage fashion!

The most approved fashion choices took a turn towards vintage and retro clothing over the past few years. Vintage and bohemian outfits are all the rage now! Retro is very in.
So here’s a few tips and tricks on getting that vintage look.

What are Vintage and Retro anyway?

Vintage means something belonging to or inspired by the Victorian era. Retro is the chunky fashion choices of the late 50s and the 60s to 70s. So why would that come back in fashion, you may ask.
Well, it’s not just history that tends to repeat itself, fashion very much and very often does too!

But that doesn’t mean you have to go rooting through you mom or grandma’s trunk in the attic. The key to looking chic in vintage and retro is getting the right kind and the right fit.

High waist pants are the way to go

 High waist jeans

High waist pants with the tucked in neat cotton blouse gives that effortlessly retro look that is also very flattering. When your high waist pants are also skinny pants, that takes it to a whole new level of attractive.

Floral patterns and chunky jewelry

 Floral pattern blouse

Go for colorful prints and patterns. Leopard print pants? Probably. Floral print blouse? Sure! Birds patterned blouse, floral print blouse, zebras print blouseswallow print pants the variety is endless. Choose what looks best on you and work from there.
As for jewelry, go with bright chunky jewels made out of natural stones or in the burnished gold shade. Multiple arrays of chains and bright gold jewelry when paired with a very demure bohemian dress and the right hairdo can get you the ultimate retro look.

Go oversized!

The best thing about the retro or vintage look is that there is room to breathe (pun intended). Go for oversized high waist pants which balloon out till it comes back to clasp at your ankle. Pair it with a neat shirt and a candy color jacket and you’re set for the day!

Or the huge array of oversized sweaters for every occasion. They are amazing choices for when you just want to be comfortable, but also trendy. Pair them with a floral print scarf and a colorful patent leather bag and you are good to do.

Bohemian dresses and skirts

 Vintage bohemian dress

Nothing says vintage like the bohemian dresses. Boho, as they are known for short, are cute, trendy and girly, without having to need a myriad assortment of flashy accessorizing to make them look amazing.

Most bohemian dresses, which usually come in pastel colors or floral prints, give that effortlessly chic look, while also being pleasant and feminine. With their tendency for high necklines and barely brushing the knee hems, they are the cutest tunic that a girl can wear.

While they go best for flaunting your legs and accessorizing with utilitarian boots and minimum fuss, the long, swirling skirts are just as lovely. These come down to the ankles and paired with a neat, high-collared floral print blouse or a bright popping color when you’re feeling adventurous, these skirts are pretty much the easiest way to get that soft, feminine look while dressing trendy.

The vintage and retro revival in fashionable women’s clothing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Have a wonderful day!