Put your best foot forward - how to pick shoes!

If the right hairdo is the crowning glory of your outfit, the right shoes are the finishing touch that can turn your outfit from simply fashionable to extraordinarily flattering.

Here’s some tips on how to buy shoes that you can use and reuse in a variety of ways and how to get the most out of them!

Exercise the internal color picker

We all have an eye for color. By the time we hit our twenties, most of us have already figured out what colors work and don’t work on us, what colors work and don’t work together, and so on.

That said, the color of the shoes you pick is pretty important. If you are wearing a simple black lace dress or a neutral colored chiffon dress, you can go crazy with the shoes. In these cases, you can go for bright colors and sparkly embellishments on your shoe choice for the outfit.

However, if you are wearing multi colored clothing or if your outfit is already heavily patterned – with floral patterns or leopard prints – it’s best to go demure on the shoes. Pick neutral flats or black or white heels to go with your outfit in these cases.

If your outfit has one eye popping article of clothing, you can try to make your shoes complement or match it. Say you have accessorized your neutral skinny pants and loose chiffon blouse with a candy colored blazer. In this case, have fun by picking neon pink heels with white patterns to complement the outfit.

But remember: avoid monochrome in shoes. If you are wearing a long black lace dress, don’t also pick a black clutch and black shoes. It usually makes for a boring combination.

Choose the shoe for the season

Have fun with flats, flip flops and ballet shoes in the summer. Go multi colored in your summer shoe selection and pair it up with cute knee length sun dresses.

In winter and rainy weather, boots are both utilitarian and trendy. Nothing beats a pair of good shiny boots to complement the outfit. Pick bright colored boots to go with laid-back bohemian dresses. For floral prints, boots in dark brown or shades of grey are the best.

Heels are always a great idea

For everything from professional to informal, heels can make an outfit for any setting. If you are planning to wear leg-elongating clothes like pencil leg pants and slim fittingskirts, go for stiletto heels. They add to it while maintaining the tone of the choice.

Choose the heels for your legs. If your legs are very short, avoid strappy heels or ultra high heels. They end up emphasizing the shortness of your legs, rather than hiding it. Go for oval toe ends and square toe heels if your feet are large. These give your feet a more petite and feminine shape.

Socks can give that cute touch

If you are planning on wearing flats or subtly feminine loafers, match it up with trendy socks that complement your outfit and choose the shoes in neutral browns and blacks. This gives versatility to the shoe choice while also allowing accessorizing for formal and informal settings.

But most importantly, pick the shoes that feel comfortable on your feet. Nothing ruins a fashionable outfit like a bad walking gait due to uncomfortable shoes!

Have a great day!