Accessorizing the floral print dresses in your wardrobe!

Floral print dresses are the current day must have’s for every fashion conscious woman’s wardrobe. With a wide riot of colors and patterns, floral print dresses look effortlessly trendy and fashionable, while also being feminine and cute.
But what can make them even better is the right kind of accessorizing. So here’s some tips on how to accessorize just right to get the perfect floral printed look!

Shoe selecting      

Shoes are as important to complete and outfit as anything else. Picking the right shoes can make an outfit, while the wrong choice can distract away from how good the dress looks and make the entire outfit look bad in the end.

So that said, how to pick the right shoes for floral print dresses?

The trick is to not overdo it. In floral prints, or indeed any sort of patterned dresses, like leopard pattern clothes and striped outfits, the dress itself has a heavy amount of detail. Adding too much detail in the shoes can only be detrimental to the outfit.
Then what to do? Pick sandals in complementing colors for the warmer months. The floral prints usually have a variety of riotous colors. Choose one color and pick a sandal that goes with it.

For the colder months, go with chunky ankle boots or sleek knee length gorgeous pieces in leather. Pick neutral colors on your boots. A bright pink boots selection with an already floral dress in a big no-no. Try boots in off shades, like grey and light brown and beige.

When paired with crisp suit jackets, floral dresses can look office worthy smart. In this case, just go for the classic black heels or pumps to finish the outfit.

Belting it

Belts are a great accessorizing tool. Gone are the days when belts were merely a thing of utility to hold pants up. Belts can give a sleek, trendy edge when paired right with an outfit.

Floral print dresses can look a little monotonous with the same design repeating all through it. Pairing with an attractive belt gives it a little more definition and edge. Choose the belt that best complements your floral print dress. Best choice is to go for a bright color with a bright silver or golden belt buckle.

Keep it simple with jewelry!
Since floral print dresses already have an overwhelming crunch of design details, adding chunky or detailed jewelry to the mix just ruins it.
When it comes to jewelry and floral print dresses, it’s best to keep it simple. A simple thin gold or silver chain, with an attractive tiny locket is usually the best way to go. Same goes for bracelets. However, you can go colorful and have fun with rings! Choosing varicolored and different shaped rings really adds to floral pattern dresses.

Mix in some leggings and jackets for fun

If you don’t feel like showing that much leg skin, you can opt for calf-length or ankle-length leggings to pair up with your floral print dress. Leggings and jackets are a great way to add some monochrome detail to the wildly cramped and patterned floral pink dresses. Choose complementing colors in jackets and leggings. Black leggings and matching black jacket are versatile options that will work well with all floral print dresses!

Have a nice day!