Know your neckline

No matter what your favorite outfit of choice is, the neckline plays a huge role in enhancing how good it looks on you. Floral dresses, chiffon blouses, lace trimmings, mini dresses – it doesn’t matter. The wrong neckline ruins the whole look.
So here are the basic neckline types and the women who would look good flaunting it!

Sweetheart neckline – a.k.a the heart shaped neckline

The heart shaped neckline works best on petite and curvy women. If you are tall and thin, this is probably not a good option for you. Heart shaped necklines which are off shoulder bring out the delicate curve of the petite woman and give her neck elegance and prominence.

The halter top neckline

Halter tops work best on skinny women with bony shoulders and longer necks. They add curves to the body and give definition and emphasis to the shoulder line. If you are tall thin, a loose halter top could look perfect on you!

V- Necks are always great

This neckline works on all shapes and sizes of women, tall, short, thin or broad. They are good for well endowed or medium sized chests and flatter pretty much anyone. When in doubt, pick a V-Neck!

Round or scoop necklines

These work better in smaller women, with more sporty body types and tinier bust lines. A large chest area will not look good with round or scoop necklines. They also favor thinner and petite women compared to their curvier peers.

Square neckline

They go great with striped sweaters and blouses! While you may want to pay attention to the type of stripes for your body type, square necks usually work on most women! It’s also called the boat neckline. The best compatibility is hourglass figured women – but then again, what doesn’t suit that figure?

Tube top neckline

The best neckline for your more trendy and sexy party dresses. Tube tops work best on thinner shoulders and longer necks, with a decent bust line. Flat or small chest area does not look flattering in tube top neckline!

One shoulder off neckline

These look awesome on all women! For someone looking to show a little bit of skin while maintaining a classy and sleek look, one shoulder off necklines are the best choice. Usually found in billowing chiffon blouses or lace dresses, these are the easiest way for women of all shapes and sizes to look sexy while staying classy!

Collar up!

Collared shirts work on everyone. But you can enhance the suitability of a collared shirt according to your body type. If you are a little on the plus size side of the spectrum, go for thinner collars in the shirts.
Wide collars look unflattering on all but those with slender necks. If you are thin, go for looser shirts and tuck them into formal pants while undoing the top few buttons. This emphasizes the cut of the pants and flatters your body shape.
And depending on the formal or informal nature of the setting, try undoing the top few of the collared shirts, period! It draws attention to the neck while keeping it neat and gives you that casual and sexy look!

Necklines can make or break how good you look in an outfit. Keep a mental eye on the neckline that works best on you before buying fashionable clothing!

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