Get your makeup right

You don’t need to go to a professional or shell out hundreds to get that saloon sleek, fashionable, magazine perfect finish in your makeup. With just a little care and attention to detail, you can look as good as any model on a runway, right at home!
Here are a few tips and tricks for looking fabulous!

Contour your face!

Applying blush may seem like overdoing it, but nothing gives those perfect shaped cheekbones or that delicate jaw line like a well applied contouring powder and blush.
The most important part in this is to apply blush according to your face shape. Blush can enhance your cheekbones or blunt too sharp features on your face, when applied right!
Also ensure that you have the right shade of blush for your skin color. Nothing’s worse than an over bright or comically dark blush spread across your cheeks! Blend in the blush properly to get the subtle and perfect contour effect.

Eye highlights

By applying a few perfectly placed strokes of lighter eye shadow above and around your eye, you can give so much more detail and shape to your eye and increase its attraction. This is the work of eye highlights.
To apply the perfect highlights, pick a shade that is two to three shades lighter than your skin color. Gently dap this highlighter to the arch of your eyebrows, following from the arch all the way out to the end of your eyebrows. Another spot to apply to is the inner corner of the eyes. Also apply a slight dab of highlighter to the middle area of your upper eyelid to give that seductive, heavy lidded effect.
Blend in the highlighter properly till only a trace of it is left. This really enhances the way your eyes look!

And to make eyes appear bigger

Know how we all regularly use the black eye contouring pencil? Even better than that is the white eye contour pencil!
Just a dash of white eye pencil, carefully applied along the middle to outer corner region of the lower eyelid can do wonders to making your eyes look bigger and more beautiful than they are!
It creates an optical illusion of making the cornea region a little larger, so when you outline this white highlight with a dramatic sweep of regular black or other dark eye liners, it makes your eyes look bigger!

Try some tightlining

This is what they call it when you apply liner directly on the line of your eyelashes. It makes the roots of your eyelashes look thicker and darker, while giving more smoky and attractive contour to the eye!

The perfect foundation

The perfect foundation blend should be the shade that blends with your neck, not your cheek! We've all faced awful blends, where the face looks shades lighter or darker compared to the neck.
To achieve the perfect shade and blend for your skin, choose a foundation that blends perfectly with your neck! This gives you the attractive toning effect without making the makeup look unnatural or obvious.

Lip stick and lip liner

The place where you can go crazy! Choose a lip liner to complement the shade of the lipstick you plan to go with, and line your lips a little fuller around the upper lip while leaving the lower untouched.
Now when you fill in the lipstick, your lips will have that magazine finish “pout” effect, while also looking luscious!

Just a few tips and tricks and you can look magazine ready right at home!