Basic tips in choosing and maintaining fashionable clothing

Want some intel and tips on getting the most out of your fashionable clothes shopping spree while also making sure it’s not just fashionable, but also worth it in the long run and most importantly, suits you?

Well, here we go!

Number one: alter it

So you found the most adorable floral print dress on sale, but the hemline is a little too long to look flattering on you. Don’t give up on it! Just take up the hem a few inches when you get home and you have the trendiest dress.
Women come in all shapes and sizes and while the market tries to cater to that, not all dresses can fit every single woman perfectly! And nothing wastes a fashionable dress like a bad fit, which, with a few tweaks, would have looked perfect on you. So remember to alter it according to you.

Stay away from trends that don’t suit you

Yes, so high waist retro pants and skinny jeans are all the rage right now. But you are a little on the curvy side and the slim fit of those just don’t work with your body type.
So simple – don’t buy it.
The most important thing about being trendy is wearing what suits you within the current trends. Not saying you have to revert to baggy jumpsuits or ugly acid-wash denim monstrosities. Try to find your niche within the current trends.
So retro and vintage are all the fashion craze right now? Go for the chic floral print dresses and the sweeping vintage skirts. Pair it up with a neat chiffon blouse! A fashion trend is only as good as it looks on you.

Denim is always in

Invest in a good pair of jeans and a nice denim jacket. You can mix it up with literally anything – the options are endless.
The key to choosing a good pair of jeans is always going for a size just one bit smaller than what feels loose and comfortable on you. Jeans have a way or extending and shaping themselves around the contours of a person, so when choosing skinny pants, go for the one that’s ultra skinny and painted on, for the best fit.
And they are versatile. You can pair up a denim jeans and jacket with floral print blouses, chiffon blouses, mini dresses, lace dresses. And not to mention the sleek and trendy denim skirts, for that effortlessly sexy look. And they are easy to maintain as well!

Black and white are always safe bets

See a nice dress or blouse in black or white? Go for it! These two colors, alone and monochrome or together in combination, are always a surefire hit for any and all occasions.
There is also the advantage that they go well with all other colors. And they never clash with your skin or hair, no matter what.
Get creative in including these two shades in your wardrobe. Try to find striped jackets of black and white, high heels with black and white tones. If you want to buy an expensive accessory like a bag, which you also plan to use extensively, then the best bet is to go with black or white, as they can match with everything!

It’s not just important to buy fashionable clothes, it’s also important to buy the ones that you can use most and best.